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Sneak peek of Taylor Swift on TV show New Girl!


Taylor Swift will appear on the season finale of New Girl and the show’s creator, Liz Meriwether, said she was nervous and “geeking out” about meeting Taylor because she is a big fan!


Taylor Swift buys Rhode Island mansion for $17.1M in CASH!


  Remember that story about Taylor Swift being photographed shopping for a new mansion on Rhode Island in the $20M market?  Well according to TMZ, the pretty star just bought and paid for… Continue reading

Taylor Swift buying a new mansion?


Taylor Swift is meant to have a track record of purchasing houses close to her boyfriends so everyone is wondering, who has a home on Rhode Island!? Penning songs about her love life… Continue reading

Taylor Swift is a sensitive soul: It’s hard being a human being


It sure is sister.  But at least she can mop her tears up with gold thread and diamond encrusted handkerchiefs while she watches her album and concert sales sky rocket. For a 23… Continue reading

Taylor Swift has the last laugh as she outsells her ex-boyfriends


At 23, singer song writer Taylor Swift has had a lot of boyfriends.  A LOT of boyfriends.  She has enjoyed writing fun songs about them too.  “We are never ever getting back together”,… Continue reading