Cara Delevingne Vs Kate Moss: Vogue June 2013

Kate Moss Vogue June 2013


British Supermodel Kate Moss features on the cover of UK Vogue for the June edition and hot on her heels is  the most exciting model in the industry of 2012 and right now, Cara Delevingne!


Cara Delevingne Miss Vogue June 2013


Ms Eyebrows features on the cover of the Miss Vogue spin off magazine that comes with the June edition and everyone seems to love this girl!

In her editor’s letter, Alexandra Shulman wrote this: “We are delighted to have everybody’s favourite model Cara Delevingne as our inaugural cover star.  Her maverick sense of style and fun is Miss Vogue made physical.”

I think they are both amazing but at opposite ends of the Model spectrum.  Kate has had an incredibly long career but at 39, it will eventually come to an end.

Cara meanwhile is still only 19 and has already secured lots of major campaigns.  It helps that she’s a model that girls can relate to rather than one of the unapproachable pouty ones from Kate’s era.  I’m talking about you Naomi!

All hail Queen Delevingne!  I need to get a myself a Queen Delevingne T-shirt.