Jake Gyllenhaal: Cycle class never looked so good!

jake gyllenhaal cycling class


Actor Jake Gyllenhaal has been stirring up a storm at his local gym at Union Square in New York!  Women are fighting it out to book in a SoulCycle class because the Hollywood hunk is known to take it!

It’s well known which classes scrummy Jake likes to take and who his favourite instructor is.  According to gym goers, the actor likes to be in the front and centre so lucky members can watch the hunk sweat it out!

A few members told the New York Times that they only book that class because of him and are hugely disappointed if they miss him.  One member said that when he’s in, she is on her best work behaviour!

Apparently it isn’t just members of the gym that Jake gets excited!  When he is in, members say they notice an increase in staff presence, probably hoping to get a glimpse of him and be of some assistance to the star.

How is that for motivation to get the gym!?