Listen: New Back to Black remake by Beyonce and Andre 3000!

Beyonce and Amy Winehouse


Like many others, I was excited about hearing Beyonce and Andre 3000’s cover of the late singer’s classic, Back to Black for the new film adaption of The Great Gatsby.  DJ and producer Mark Ronson co-wrote the original song and premiered the new version on his radio station website.  Like many others, I am annoyed at having to listen to Mark shamelessly plug his radio station throughout the track!

But back to the song.  The song is incredibly moody and dark so I’m glad they didn’t attempt to change it too much.  It even has a sample from Blondie’s Atomic song in there.  Alas, I have to agree with Amy’s father and say that I don’t think Beyonce brings anything to the track.  I just think it is apples and pears.  Incomparable.

Fans of Amy aren’t pleased and think the singer would be turning in her grave.  I’m probably going to incite their wrath and say that I actually prefer this version to the original.  But, that’s just because I like electronica and synth pop.