The Wanted release preview of new song, Walks like Rihanna

The Wanted Peoples Choice awards


No one tries harder than UK boy band The Wanted and is it just me or does Siva make Max, Tom and Jay look like tired old men in this photo?  It’s no surprise he and Rihanna swapped numbers back in 2011.

The boys won the People’s Choice Award for Favourite Break Out Artist earlier this year in January and their latest attempt to take over America is in the form of a new single called, Walks Like Rihanna.

With lyrics like, “she can’t move, she can’t dance, but who cares because she walks like rihanna”, I’m not sure it will win a grammy for the boys.  Referencing another singer, especially one so provocative like Rihanna, is skating dangerously close to appearing desperate.

But, the song is cheesey and I love cheesey.