Kardashians abroad on Mykonos

Kardashians Mykonos


Kim and the Kardashian clan are on the beautiful Greek Island Mykonos on location filming their TV show, Keeping up with the Kardashians.  Being a Kardashian has its perks!  As long as you can close your eyes when the TV executives say you have to fly a Greek airline equivalent to business class (extra 2 cm seat space), hold your own luggage and cram like sardines in to a boat pretending to be relaxed.  It is still an easy gig.

Kim stepped out later in the evening in a gorgeous coral red dress with a slash of red lipstick.  She wore her hair in a chic low pony tail with one middle section corn row.   The stunner is reportedly worried about the 65lbs she has put on in her 7th month of pregnancy and how difficult the trek will be back to getting her body bikini ready.  She can aways take up Jessic Alba’s corset wearing regime.

Kim Kardashian Mykonos


Khloe should have taken hair lessons from her sister because the cornrows are not a flattering look on her.  Still, she is looking bright and happy considering her contract as a presenter on The X Factor was cancelled.

Khloe Kardashian Mykonos


I wonder, at what stage of her pregnancy Kim will do a predictable “Demi” in body paint on a the cover of a magazine.  I can’t see Vanity Fair lowering their high brows for her.

She reportedly said that she didn’t want to follow Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera or Jessica Simpson with a nude magazine cover shoot because she didn’t want any more scrutiny.  ?  That doesn’t sound like our Kim Kardashian at all!

Kim Kardashian Nude