Hook up: Harry Styles and Kimberly Stewart!?

Harry Styles and Kimberly Stewart


One Direction Harry Styles has moved on from Ke$ha and is now rumoured to be dating Kimberly Stewart! He likes them older and at 32 with a baby this really is Harry baking, icing and then eating his cake!

Remember Kimberly? She was part of the skank club Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian clique but she was “classy” enough to not release a sex video. Remember Paris?

She is also the daughter of British singer Rod Stewart. It seems both Harry and Rod share a common interest in leggy blondes. Rod is dating Penny Lancaster, also a leggy blonde and is 42 years old so Kimberly may need to keep an eye on Harry!

Harry Styles and Stewart


Harry was photographed out on the town with the Stewart family in LA and then again in the morning getting coffee with Kimberly after reportedly spending the night there!

Kimberly is bit a man eater herself. She has a baby with actor Benicio Del Toro and had that steamy pash and grope with nanny-loving Jude Law in a nightclub. Having a partner in showbiz must be like kissing a toilet seat.

Kimberly Stewart and boyfriends