Diva Beyonce and her World Tour Concert photo ban!

Beyonce Mrs Carter


In the spirit of outlandish diva demands, Beyonce has secured her place next to Mariah Carey who once famously requested that photographers only photograph the more attractive left side of her profile!

Queen B has imposed a strict ban on press photos taken at concerts for her Mrs Carter World Tour and there are many (me) that think the approach is unfair to fans who can’t make the shows.  Only her authorised photographer is permitted to take photos and the star carefully screens them before they are released.

In these new ones she is channelling ice skating princess and I’m not crazy about the look.

Beyonce Mrs Carter


The demand is said to come from some unflattering photos of the star’s performance at The Superbowl and some (me) think it is incredibly vain.  Beyonce’s publicist contacted websites that were popularising the less-than-flattering photos, respectfully asking them to be removed, certain they could find better photos.

Beyonce Superbowl