Chris Brown’s father not happy about Team Breezy reunion!

Team Breezy


The father of Chris Brown has opened up about his son’s controversial relationship with singer Rihanna and he does not approve!

In an interview with the Daily News, Clinton Brown revealed some juicy information about his disapproval of his son’s reunion with singer Rihanna, whom Chris brutally assaulted in 2009.

When the headline favourite couple revealed they were dating again last year, the world recoiled in shock and horror including the star’s father!

“I personally really didn’t want him and Rihanna back together.”


Chris Brown father


The 42 year old broke up with Chris’ mother when he was a child and revealed that he doesn’t think Rihanna is suitable for his son, but that he could understand why his son loves her.

“She’s beautiful, she’s exotic, she’s successful.”

Clinton then went on to talk about how he thought Karrueche Tran was a much better choice .

“Whenever she was around me, the quiet, meek, accommodating, respectful image is what she portrayed.”


Chris Brown and Tran


He also thought RiRi was very polite and well mannered when he met her but conceded that he thought his son needed a more well grounded partner. Self styled bad girl Rhianna is often scantily clad and in the tabloids because of her wild behaviour or racy self portrait photos she releases of herself.


Nude Rhianna selfies


Clinton talked about Rihanna needing to give up her bad girl ways if she is to become a mother fuelling her pregnancy rumours. She released some wild pics a few days ago of her drinking and wearing an animal mask, but it’s possible the couple may have hinted about future plans with him in the past.