Amanda Bynes and her new buzz cut!

Faster than you can say meltdown, actress Amanda Bynes is grabbing headlines again and this time it’s because of her new hair do!  It’s more of buzz cut really.   The pretty 27 year old shaved off half of her hair and tweeted photos of her new look.

“I buzzed half my head like @cassie! No more old photos! This is the new me! I love it!”

Amanda Bynes Shaved hair


The actress joins singers Rihanna and Cassie who have also shaved their heads but rather than being complimented for it, most are worried for the star.

Amanda has been a favourite headline because of her strange tweets where she is either having twitter battles with the press or she is sending crazy tweets to rap star Drake.  She has a crush on the rapper and sent him a tweet saying she wanted him to murder her vagina… !!

I personally think she’s just down with the homies.