Justin Bieber: Drugs and a stun gun found on tour bus in Sweden!


Police in Sweden have found drugs and a stun gun on board Justin Bieber’s tour bus on Wednesday in the latest scandal to hit the pop star.   Authorities have said that no arrests have been made but many now are starting to raise concern over the young star.

Justin has been a headline favourite since his tour started.  More recently it has been from accusations of his Twitter base being 50% fake, the Biebz releasing saucy photos, his grandfather living rough while the Biebz enjoys luxury and the story about not wanting his pet monkey anymore.  It’s been a rough time for the pop sensation.

In this latest incident, the tour bus was reportedly stormed after police could smell marijuana smoke coming  from it.  It is unknown at this stage what type of drugs were found on the bus but it is reported to have only been a small quantity.

Earlier this year in January, photos were leaked online of the star showing him holding what appeared to be a rolled up joint.

On Thursday Justin tweeted to his fans, “some of the rumours about me….where do people even get this stuff.  whatever…back to the music”.