Harry Styles loves being naked and new pants-down footage to be shown in 3D movie!

The One Direction hotties recently revealed some super juicy details in an interview!  Louis revealed that Harry loves being naked!  This should come as no surprise to us as Hazza does look like bit of a devil who might like walking about without any clothes on.  When Niall brought a Segway along to a concert, Harry was quick to strip down and ride around on it in the buff!  The boys called him “brave” because it was a tad chilling when Hazza was streaking.

Even juicier, Liam revealed that during the filming of their highly anticipated 3D movie, he pulled down Harry’s trousers and his underpants came down also.  We get to see it in 3D.  !!  Fingers, legs and toes crossed they leave the footage in the movie.  Most of us are still recovering from the first time!

Harry Styles Pants Down