Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life reality show!


Ke$ha’s new six part MTV reality show made its debut last night.  My Crazy Beautiful Life offers fans a glimpse in to her pop star world capturing all the highlights and the unglamorous aspects of it.  For the last two and  half years her brother, journalist and documentary maker Lagan Sebert, has followed her around with a camera.

The star had this to say about creating the series: “I couldn’t bullsh** the camera, there was no acting, no faking, there was no story, there was just my brother filming my life.”  Viewers are promised melt-downs, the star drinking her own urine, pashing strangers and other dirty antics forms of her artistry.

The singer rose to fame with her smash hit song “Tik Tok”, which was quickly followed by her collaboration with rapper Flo Rida on his hit song, “Right Round”.  The singer has a penchant for glitter and for the “dirty unwashed” look.

On the style of the show Ke$ha said, “It’s very guerilla, do-it-yourself, kinda-ghetto style. A lot of it has to be subtitled.”

Wow!  Will she be speaking in another language!?  Singer AND linguist.  This girl has skills.  #don’thate