Justin Bieber: Doesn’t want his pet monkey anymore

Justin Bieber and monkey Mally

Justin Bieber went to Munich last month for his Believe World tour and tried to sneak his pet Capuchin monkey Mally in to the country.  German  customs seized poor Mally from his private  jet and detained him on march 28.  Justin has long since  left the country but he was given instructions on what further action he would need to take.

The star was given a notice period to either reclaim Mally and pay for his holding fee or notify them in writing about finding a home for him.  German authorities said they were contacted to find another home for Mally.  A responsible decision but this story has us asking, how can Justin’s minders not be responsible and aware of the “practicalities and formalities” of having a monkey?

Countries prohibit foreign animals and plants unless under strict conditions because of diseases they might have that can upset environments and threaten native species.

You want a monkey Justin?  Oh totally.  Here you go.