Double Duchess! Lookalike Gabriella asks What would Kate Do?

The Duchess Lookalike

Gabriella Munro Douglas (pictured on the left) has to constantly ask herself, What would Kate do?  It is a great mantra to live by and for Gabriella, it is also how she makes a living!  She fills in the engagements the real Duchess of Cambridge (pictured on the right) can’t make.  Making appearances at corporate events and functions, she has launched herself as a professional celebrity Lookalike!

“I would never do anything that offends her”, says Gabriella.

Now that Kate’s pregnant, our Lookalike had to resort to shopping for foam to get that ‘ Royal Babybump’ look just right!  And when Kate had her fringe cut, it was off to the hairdressers for Gabriella!

She may be a Second-Rate-Kate but she is in hot demand!