Madonna’s homeless brother injured during an arrest!

Anthony Gerard Ciccone

The homeless brother of superstar Madonna was arrested on Sunday night and received nine stitches on his forehead after refusing to leave a bathroom at the Grand Traverse County Civic Center in Michigan.

The Traverse Eagle reported that Anthony Gerard Ciccone aged 56, was highly intoxicated and being arrested by a female police officer for trespassing when the incident occurred.  Resisting the arrest and becoming confrontational, he had to be restrained on the bathroom floor which is when the injury occurred.

The Daily Mail had an exclusive interview with Ciccone last month and revealed the sad story of how alcoholism consumed his life and how he has been living homeless on the streets for over a year.  He told the newspaper that he didn’t expect anything from his sister and that they grew up with sibling rivalry hatred for each other.

Hopefully this time he will get the treatment that he needs for his addiction.