Nicki Minaj popping out of her dress. Again.

Nicki Minaj red dress

Nicki Minaj’s wardrobe choice on American Idol this week has, unsurprisingly, stirred up its conservative audience viewers. Those same ones that voted for Chris Allen rather than for Adam Lambert that year I stopped watching. The biggest question of this headline is why the villagers are so upset about Nicki’s dress? Do they even know who Nicki Minaj is?!



The juicier news was Nicki calling Mariah a man. Yeah! While critiquing the performance of a contestant Mariah said she disagreed with the comment, to which Nicki replied, “Simmer down, sir”. She used her ridiculous faux British accent when dishing it out to Mariah. Her inspiration for the accent was from listening to Scary Spice Mel B and Emma Watson in the Harry Potter movies.


Nicki and Mariah feud

Later in the show it seemed like Nicki tried to make amends by complimenting Mariah on her vocal ability on her collaboration with the late Whitney Houston on the track, When you believe. I don’t know about you, but I get the feeling Nicki doesn’t like Mariah much.