New Thor: The Dark World movie poster released!

Thor: The Dark World

Hotstuff Chris Hemsworth is back with his big hammer in the new Thor: The Dark World movie. British hottie Tom Hiddleston will reprise his role as Loki and Natalie Portman in her role as Jane Foster.

In the first Thor movie we saw our beefy superhero cut off from travelling to earth and his naughty brother Loki falling to what we presumed was his death. In The Avengers movie we learn that Loki survived with the help of some naughty new alien friends. At the end of the movie, Thor has Loki in chains and takes him back to Asgard.

The new movie is set one year after the battle in The Avengers and sees Thor seek out Jane Foster’s help to fight a new threat to the Asgards.

November seems so far away.