Jennifer Lawrence on Time’s Top 100 most influential people

Jennifer Lawrence Time Magazine


Time magazine released their top 100 most influential people edition and Silver Linings actress Jennifer Lawrence was one of many entertainers to make the list. The edition is basically celebrities writing about how wonderful they think other celebrities are. They have four sections they categorise people under: Titans, Pioneers, Icons and Artists. Jay-Z and Lebron James made the Titans list. Lena Dunham under Icons and Christina Aguilera (yeah) under Artists. Who comes up with these lists!?

Jodie Foster called Jennifer Lawrence a gem with a propensity for junk food. Clare Danes said Girls actress and writer Lena Dunham made us ravenous. Moulin Rouge director Baz Luhrmann called Beyonce the “heir-apparent diva of the USA”. You get the idea yeah?

I would be shocked if Jay-Z and Beyonce didn’t make the list. The superstar couple were recently crowned the music industry’s first billionaire couple. Who else can get approval from the US Treasury to sip mojitos and listen to someone play Guantanamera on the guitar in Cuba?