Selena Gomez and her bindi boo boo

Hindu leaders in the US are demanding an apology from Selena Gomez for wearing a bindi on her forehead when she sang last weekend at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards. The Springbreakers and former Disney actress performed her new single “Come and get it” at the show and wore a Bollywood inspired outfit with a jewelled bindi on her forehead.



The bindi has religious significance in South Asian and South East Asian culture, in particular for Hindus. Her use of the bindi was slammed by the leader of the Universal Society of Hinduism. He told WENN and MSN that, “the bindi is is an auspicious religious and spiritual symbol . It is not meant to be thrown around loosely for seductive effects or as a fashion accessory aiming at mercantile greed.”

Oops. The red outfit was a doozie anyway. Indian woman are probably laughing at the outfit because the dress makes her look more like someone who loves crystals and going to sweat lodges than a glamourous Indian princess.

The Duchess only knows what possessed her to take off the gorgeous gold Julien Macdonald dress she arrived in. I love it. I like the hair but the it could have been a lot tidier! Those braids have lots of straggly hairs and it just doesn’t look very polished with her overall look.



She also posted this photo of her nails from same night. Want. Right. Now.

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Photo source: AP