Shirtless Justin Bieber: in flesh and cartoon

Lock up your daughters parents!  Teen heart throb Justin Bieber has been a favourite headline this month and this time it’s because of some saucy photos he released on to Instagram.

The 19 year old hottie decided to take a photo of himself while shirtless and working out in a gym.  The Biebz sent hearts racing wearing sweat pants so dangerously low you can’t help but wonder how he is holding them up!  #oh-em-gee

Poking fun at critics, the Biebz released the photo with this comment:  “‘Uh oh @justinbieber is losing it taking shirtless pics in the mirror’ -funny people,”.



And then to really send his Belieber fans over the edge the randy little monkey posted this photo:


Hysterical fans have been tweeting about the Biebz with many commenting that they imagine themselves to be the girl in the cartoon with Justin.  Young, rich and famous the Canadian cutie must feel like he’s the king of the gym.