Remember the clown that stage crashed Adele at the Grammys?

Well he could be facing six months in prison. Ukrainian new reporter Vitalii Sediuk stage crashed Adele as she went to collect her Grammy. He managed to enter the awards show without a ticket and actually took Adam Levine’s seat before going on the stage! Cheeky beggar. J-Lo presented the award and slapped him away from Adele before he was taken off stage and then arrested.

The prankster made headlines last year when he tried to kiss actor Will Smith on the red carpet. Will gave the reporter a slap for that too.

He also managed to wind Madonna up at the Venice film festival in 2011. During a press conference he gave her a bouquet of hydrangeas which irritated the star. She put them under the table and said she “loathed” hydrangeas.

In other stunts, he dressed in a swan dress similar to one that Bjork wore and tried to crash the Oscars.

Perhaps the threat of jail will make him behave. The threat of being arrested sure hasn’t.