Flirty Niall Horan and the girls he’s been linked to in the last four weeks

We all know flirty Niall Horan from One Direction loves the ladies and in the last month he’s been linked to more than a few beauties!  We just want to know who the lucky girl is!

Zoe Whelan:  Last week Niall was rumoured to be dating aspiring model Zoe Whelan after she attended Niall’s brothers wedding.  Despite denying there was any truth to the rumours, she was forced to shut down her Twitter account after being bombarded with nasty messages from fans.  Can her shoes be any more ridiculous?


Zoe Whelan


Brooke Vincent:  Niall was photographed with 23 year old British actress Brook Vincent last month at the boys concert in Manchester.  When the boys first became famous, Niall is said to have named Brooke as his ideal woman.  They actually make a well rounded couple.

niall and brooke vincent

Niall and Brooke


Miley Cyrus:  Last year Niall had everyone excited after a photo of him cuddling up to Miley was released.  The rumours started up again after Miley tweeted a photo she’d taken of Niall at a studio the pair were at.  The pair shown here just look like friendly lads having a night out.

Niall and Miley

Niall and Miley


With all of the rumours and speculation surrounding Niall right, we can be certain of one thing; this Irish hottie is a hot potato right now!