Taylor Swift has the last laugh as she outsells her ex-boyfriends

At 23, singer song writer Taylor Swift has had a lot of boyfriends.  A LOT of boyfriends.  She has enjoyed writing fun songs about them too.  “We are never ever getting back together”, is probably my favourite.  Taylor revealed it was written about Jake Gyllenhaal whom she said was exhausting and made her feel insecure.  Mean!  But if you ask me, it sounds like he just wasn’t in to her…

But this headline isn’t about Jake.  It’s about her exboyfriends that are in the music industry.  Taylor is happily leading ticket sales over her exes Joe Jonas, John Mayer (Ewww) and Harry Styles.  I hope she writes a song about it.  One direction have sold 30% more sales than Taylor but Hazza is part of a five member band and so the sales figures have been adjusted.


I’d mention the Jonas brothers but it seems nobody cares anymore.  It’s no surprise really.  Anyone that used to listen to the Jonas Brothers are now listening to One Direction who are better singers, better looking and just cooler.