One Direction member Zayn Malik victim of Race Attack!

And this isn’t the first time!  Nasty online racists attacked Zayn Malik calling him a Terrorist and saying he was Osama Bin Laden’s son. This time round though, Zayn’s sister Doniya was quick to defend her brother and tweed: “Get a life sad f***!  He don’t even know you exist!”.  It got ugly. And on both sides of that fight because homophobia isn’t cool either people.

The dishy star has previously said that he didn’t go online as much as his other band members because of the nasty comments.  Last year in September he shut down his Twitter account for 24 hours because people were calling him a terrorist.  Zayn was born to English mother and British Pakistani father in an area of England called Bradford.  The area is well known for its racial tension and race riots that erupted 2001 between its minority British Asian population and extreme right wing anti-immigration groups.

Stop hating people.  His music with the boys is a beautiful thing.  Jealousy and hate is just ugly.