One Direction boy band hotties pocket a cool £5M

Wowsers! Hunky UK Brit Boy Band One Direction made the top 15 wealthiest British music artists under the age of 30 List! The list estimates their  wealth to be £5M made from last years album sales, concerts, endorsements and merchandise.  They are seriously starting to roll in the mon-eeeey.

Last year Harry was doing some house hunting in Notting Hill, London last year looking at a £1.5M property. Liam was also looking in the same area while Louis and Zayn bought houses in North London at £2.5M and £2.4M each.  And earlier this year in January, Niall the clever boy purchased a home in Los Angeles! In a celeb community near the Kardashians, JLO and Sharon and Ozzy Osborne.

Life is good for the boys.