Lindsay Lohan reduced to tears on David Letterman show

Everyones favourite ginger train wreck Lindsay Lohan appeared on David Letterman to promote her role in Scary Movie 5 and was reduced to tears by the late night show host.

David was quite persistent with jibes about addictions, if she shoplifted and if she was meant to be in rehab rather than on his show. It becomes too much for Lindsay and she ends up in tears while trying to talk about her roles in Scary Movie 5.

Rather than giggling at her demise it just becomes uncomfortable to watch. When the Lindsay’s tears start flowing David has to reach for a tissue for her. While she’s mopping up her tears David looks down at the ground, aware that he’s gone a bit too far. At the end of the segment, he leans in to pat Lindsay on the back in what seems like an attempt to apologise.


Lindsay is due to start rehab on the May 5th but that didn’t stop her from changing in to more appropriate glad rags and hitting the town after the show. Girrrrrrl.