Justin Beiber Twitter fan base fake?!

So the rumours are swirling about Justin Bieber’s Twitter account fan base being 50% fake.

Huh? Wha-?

The daggers seem to be out for The Biebz because he is getting far too much shade! Lady Gaga fans are rejoicing at the news because if true, she would resume her reign as Queen of Twitter.

Lady Gaga

Justin, who is currently on his Believe World Tour, has been a wee bit tardy and last month was getting in the wars with photographers. We’re forgetting th0ugh that photographers and Lady Gaga fans aren’t real people.

Justin, fan and new do' from Twitter

I’m suspicious of this report because if I applied the same criteria to my Twitter account, I’d be a fake too. Twitter is great for short updates and I use it for news updates. But it just isn’t as widely used as Facebook is.

No tea no shade.