The Wanted: “I found you” single review

This group is a guilty pleasure. They have catchy dance songs and I have three of their tracks on all of my playlists. But, I just watched the fan version video for the track, “I found you”, and it stinks of desperation.

There are two video versions and in the original version, the mismatched boy band storm a house to save a girl being held captive by a gang of thugs. The end of the video reveals that they were only there to steal a key that the girl kept on her person. It opens up a safe filled with diamonds that they retrieve from the water. The fan version video of The Wanted storming America just as The Beatles and One Direction have before them, is just as convincing.

They should have given the speaking roles to the Irish one. When I hear the Mancurian one I think of Coronation Street and the ugliest characters they have ever had.